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AST 6602

AST 6602

Aqua Sai Technologies is extreme manufacturer and supplier of AST 6602 which made by our strong manufacturing engineers and experts.
Brand : Aqua Sai Technologies
Detailed Description

Application: Single chemical treatment for RAW water recirculation system preventing scale and corrosion through cooling tower

Water contains considerable amounts of scale forming constituents, for e.g., Calcium and Magnesium carbonates, sulphates, Magnesium hydroxide, Silica etc. The scale deposit on metal parts and inside pipeline of heat exchangers, evaporators, boilers, compressors, solar heaters, Generators, AC units and water cooling circuits.

Antiscalants: They are surface active materials that interfere with precipitation reactions in three primary ways:

  • Threshold inhibition: it is the ability of an antisclant to keep supersaturated solutions of springly soluble salts.
  • Crystal modification: it is the property of an antiscalants to distort crystal shapes, resulting in soft non adherent scale. As a crystal begin to form at the submicroscopic level, negative groups located on the antiscalant molecule attack the positive charges on scale nuclei interrupting the electronic balance necessary to propagate the crystal growth. When treated with crystal modifiers, scale crystals appear distorted, generally more oval in shape, and less compact.
  • Dispersion: Dispersancy is the ability of some antiscalants to adsorb on crystals or colloidal particles and impart a high anionic charge, which tends to keep the crystals separated. The high anionic charge also separates particles from fixed anionic charges present on the membrane surface.

Salient Features:

  • High purity product - synthetic grade
  • Fast acting - effective in removing a wide range of scales and deposits
  • Concentrated solution.

Safety & Handling

AST - 6602 is generally safe but avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not take internally. Gloves and goggles should be used while handling the product.


AST – 6602 available in 30 kg and 50 kg containers.

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