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RO Chemicals AST 1001

RO Chemicals AST 1001

Aqua Sai Technologies is a renowned name for manufacturing RO Chemicals AST 1001. This RO Chemicals AST 1001 is processed by quality ingredients and latest equipments according with the market standards.
Brand : Aqua Sai Technologies
Detailed Description

AST-1001: High Ph Antiscalant for Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis systems uses following additives to prevent fouling, scaling and biofouling of RO membranes in order to optimise reverse osmosis recovery rates, improve operational efficiency of RO plant and reduce problems associated

AST - 1001 is a range of specific Antiscalants for Reverse Osmosis Membrane effective in controlling deposition of inorganic scales.


  • PH (as such) 7.5 to 9.5
  • Appearance Pale Yellow Liquid
  • Solid Content 33 to 34 w/w
  • Specific Gravity 1.17 to 1.23
  • Contents functional phosphino carboxylic acid.


AST - 1001 antiscalants are available in 5 kg and 30 kg containers

Salient Features

  • Effective in presence of chlorine and hardness upto 1000 ppm
  • Effective calcium carbonate dispersion in presence of higher pH upto (10) and alkalinity (up to 750).
  • Useful as calcium sulphate inhibitor
  • Excellent scale control for high silica waters upto 1000 ppm
  • Free from phosphates and other chelants
  • Non-toxic
  • Dosage and Dosing Point
  • Minimum dosage 2-5 ppm and maximum dosage 10-12 ppm, subject to inlet water quality in respect of TDS, calcium and silica.
  • The product is normally dosed at the inlet to RO or just after pre-treatment.

Safety & Handling

AST-1001: is generally safe but avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not take internally. Gloves and goggles should be used while handling the product.

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